Friday, November 14, 2008

It's so true.

There's an old saying that the most important action we can take is to just show up. On November 11th, I showed up in Market Square Portsmouth, NH. I showed up to read messages of hope and renewal that have been entrusted to me by hundreds of unknown friends. I showed up so that I could honor these messages by reading them out loud in public. I showed up because it matters to me that these messages are given voice, are spoken out loud. I showed up and was greeted by strangers,friends and family. I showed up and was humbled by the power of just being present. With the help of a dozen folks, I read over 200 new messages. These messages will now be ready to be woven into prayer flags.

Back in the studio, the weaving progresses along. All are welcome to come help with this process. Completed flags are being shipped out slowly. Watch your mail box for yours!

Be well, Sarah

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Eleven/eleven at noon ~ Reading messages of hope and renewal

November 11th at noon, Market Square Portsmouth, NH. Please join me to read or just listen to over 200 newly gathered messages of hope, peace and renewal. I will be there until about 1 PM.

Please know that this project is on-going. I have removed any thought of a deadline. The messages keep coming, the flags are slowly getting woven and the energy is still strong to keep this project alive. All are welcome to come weave in my studio. Please email me to make a date. Spread the invitation to contribute messages!

I am building a gallery of pictures of the installed prayer flags and will post the link soon! Here are a couple of prayer flags~ one out in the wind and one in a yoga studio.

A special thank you to all my wonderful weavers ~ Sarah