Sunday, December 26, 2010

Have prayer flags...will travel!

Sarah at the loom!
Yes!!....thanks to everyone..... there are 130 prayer flag traveling with me to South Africa and then across the Atlantic all the way to the Caribbean.

Pat and her brilliant smile!
For the past three weeks, almost two dozen community volunteers came to the studio to weave prayer flags.

Pam and Sally get acquainted as they weave.
Most folks who come have never woven. It is my joy to share this creative and meditative way to share good will.

Cleone's hand fly as they weave.
Busy hands, happy heart.

Read more...check out the York Independent story about this community art project. Pages 4-5.

Lesley and Mark came for the last night of weaving.

Mark, the only guy who rose to the challenge!
Friends Lesley and Mark came for dinner and the final weaving date.

Prayer flags all ready to be sewn

The last evening in the studio, we had a spontaneous party! Three weavers, plus me, two dogs and two guitars. Music, singing, glad hearts....all lifting me to travel lightly with an open heart.
Ben and Nancy offer sweet music.

I am so blessed to be traveling on this mission ~
  Art-ambassador of peace and love from Maine.

See you in March ~ Sarah

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Closing in !

She who breathes
This week we had seven weavers in the studio. Women who came and breathed their energy into this project. I thought this prayer flag message particularly appropriate!

One world, one people
Each flag is woven with messages that come from all over the world. Many voices for peace, for hope, for love.

Love music
Each message is read many times before it finally gets woven into the prayer flag. Then the message is often fractured and the language becomes mixed with other language.

This prayer flags reads: "I love music for awake people to be awake." Interpret this however you like.

I see compassion and joy.

Forgiveness Forever.Yes to that.

Weave Hope

This week we are closing in on the 100 prayer flag goal. Many many thanks to everyone for the support, words of encouragement and energy.

Our world is moving like the sun; moving ever so slowly and steadily toward a new horizon.

Happy Solstice ~ Sarah

Sunday, December 12, 2010

54 and counting !!

weaving messages of peace
This week nine lovely weavers came to the studio to weave prayer flags. These people came in response to my invitation/challenge to the community to help me weave 100 prayer flags to take on my trip to South Africa and the Atlantic crossing to the Caribbean.

Weaving in the spirit

Some people came in the company of a friend, some came as individuals. Some people had never woven before, some had woven as younger people.

What color is hope?
All came with an open heart and open mind.

There are now 54 beautifully woven prayer flags ready to travel.

Open hearted weaving

Thank you to everyone who has given time, effort and your words of support.

With more weavers coming this week, we will surely meet the goal of 100 flags to travel!

Sewing the prayer flags after they are cut off the loom.

Namaste ~ Sarah

Friday, December 3, 2010

100 prayer flags for the world ~ Come weave!

In about three weeks, I will be heading off for a very special trip. I will be flying to Cape Town, South Africa via Dubai. I will spend about 2 weeks there before casting off and sailing across the Atlantic to the Caribbean. I will be joining my friend Nat who has been circumnavigating the globe since late 2005 aboard Bahati, a 43' Montevideo Cutter.

While in South Africa, I will have about 2 weeks prior to embarking. During that time I hope to travel, see sites and connect with communities, schools and art/craft organizations. 

100 Prayer flags
 My goal is to weave 100 prayer flags before I leave. My vision is to have a stack of prayer flags to give freely while in South Africa, as well as on the isolated islands that we will stop at en-route.

We plan to stop at St. Helena and Ascension Island.  
How amazing to be able to leave a string of prayer flags at these remote communities!
St Helena ~ North West of South Africa

 So I send out this blog as an invitation to come to my studio to weave. Let me know what time/day works for you and we'll make a date. I ask for only a two hour window of your time.

For those of you who live at a distance, your words of support feed this project as well as the actions of those who are able to physically lend a hand. Every action is noticed and received with love.

With continued heartfelt gratitude for all your words and actions of support ~ Sarah