Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Flags fly in rain, shine, sleet, snow and wind

The Solstice is almost upon us. This seasonal transition from darkness to light honors that life is always moving, always in transition. What is now light will be dark and what is now dark will return to light. Without darkness we would not know light. As the Woven Voices prayer flags go out into the world, I know that they will fly on sunny days as well as days with no hope for sun. Today here in Maine we are experiencing a Nor'easter with a veritable mixed bag of precipitation.

The little prayer flags here in my yard are weathering this storm with ease and grace. This is what I strive for in my life ~ a grace in understanding that all things pass. I strive to fly my own spiritual flag in all kinds of weather.

The Woven Voices project continues to grow and blossom. To date I have collected over 1600 messages
of hope and peace. We have woven and sent out to the world over 300 flags. I continue to receive messages and invite weavers to join me in my studio.

My biggest challenge is to gather photos of the installed flags. For a variety of reasons, documenting where the prayer flags hang is often difficult, tricky or impossible. This letter from a friend who works for the Slum Doctor program illustrates ~

"The prayer flags were a very touching gift to the girls and staff at the Ombogo Girls Academy. We presented them at a final assembly for our group in the evening without an external lighting source, other than kerosene lamps and flashlights, not conducive to photography. We left early the next day to head back to Nairobi.

To make a long story short I asked the school to take photos of the prayer flags and email them to me, but so far that hasn't happened, even after two reminders. What would be a simple request here, isn't so easy over there, mostly due to lack of energy sources."

At the same time, my friend who lives in Bali sent me a painting of her prayer flags hanging. Another friend in Washington has posted images on her blog. Enjoy these new images as well as those in the on-line gallery.

Namaste, light and love ~ Sarah

Prayer flags at a Traditional Hindu Temple in Pennsylvania.

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