Sunday, August 24, 2008

More photos of prayer flags

For your pleasure ~

A prayer flag hanging out in a garden in NH and one on the loom.


Weaving, Reading and Releasing the Messages

Sunshine prevails!
After weeks of rain here, we have had a full week of sun. I for one am particularly happy, having just returned from a week on an Maine island. Before I left for vacation, my friends Brigitte and Mary joined me to weave some prayer flags. Here are photos of them weaving in my studio. I welcome more weavers to help me produce the over 300 flags needed to complete the project, no experience necessary!

On September 11th, I will return to Market Square in Portsmouth, at noon to continue reading the messages. This act of reading messages out loud to a random public gathering feels brave and profound. Please join me and be open to surprise.

Thanks to all for your support, kind words and encouragement. Namaste, Sarah

Monday, August 11, 2008

200 messages read today !

Monday August 11th. Rainy, cool and gray.
I was just settling in on a bench near the fountain in Market Square, when I looked up and saw two of my friends crossing the street to join me. It felt so wonderful to have their support. The three of us read messages for over an hour, and solicited a few passersby to contribute and read messages. A few other friends drifted in and out over the hour we were there. I am grateful for the time and effort everyone took to show up today. Thank you.

My favorite person was David. He was a good looking guy, all smiles, who helped us read several messages. After awhile he revealed that he was homeless. I was so delighted to meet him and have his participation. My long range dream is to take this project to groups such as the homeless shelter where he lives. I want to give voice to these people in our community. To have David show up and be so open to participating was a real gift for me. The light continues to shine on this project.

Thank you to all. Here is a photo from today's event. And please remember to sign up for a weaving date soon!
Namaste, Sarah

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Reading and releasing the messages

Tomorrow, August 11th, I will be reading messages in Market Square, Portsmouth, NH beginning at noon. Please join me to listen or help read.

Also, if you are interested in helping to weave, please email me to make a studio date. The project is growing like the zucchini in my garden!

Here is a photo of a completed prayer flag.

Thanks to all for the support and please keep sending those positive messages!