Thursday, September 11, 2008

Market Square Sept 11 noon 2008

Today I went to Market Square to read the messages of hope, peace and renewal that have been gathered from around the world. It was a beautiful September day reminiscent of that painful day 7 years ago.

Friends and strangers helped to read over 150 messages. There was the reluctant policeman, the tourists, the businessmen, the mother/daughter pair, old friends, the sad and confused man, friends of friends, and the wonderfully positive young man from Somersworth. Here are two photos from the event.

Now all the messages have been read. But PLEASE continue to send messages! This will keep the project alive as well as nurture hope and peace in our fragile world.

The weaving is in progress. Please join me to help weave prayer flags in my studio, no experience necessary! Email me to set up a date. Thank you to all who continue to support this project!

With heartfelt gratitude, Sarah

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