Friday, June 5, 2009

Ripple Effect

Joy for June! Just when I think that the "waters" of the Woven Voices project are calming down, a new wave washes to shore.

This past week I received images from Africa. Ian was a student at Bowdoin College in Maine when he sent me dozens of messages of hope and peace from his fellow students. Now he is a Peace Corps volunteer in Banjul, The Gambia, West Africa. The photos here taken were taken on Muslim New Years in front of his school, Suduwol Upper Basic School. I sent these flags to him in the fall/2008 with the hope of receiving a photo someday. I learned from Ian's mother that it takes him 7 hours in a bus with many river/ferry crossings to get to Banjul where he has slow Internet access!

Here's what Ian says: "Thanks for the flags. They are standing up well to the African sun and wind, and the rains will be coming soon. The students are the 7th and 8th graders in my school who are in the Library Club."

Heartfelt thanks to Ian for going the extra miles to get these images to me! I am VERY grateful.

I also have images of the prayer flags in Germany which I will post soon. The ripple effect of the Woven Voices project is still in motion!

Speaking of continuity, I will be back in Market Square, Portsmouth, NH on Thursday June 11th, at noon. I have about 100 messages to read which should take about 45 minutes. I hope you will join me to read and honor these words of peace and hope gathered from as far as Nepal and as close as home.

As always, continue to send me messages and please consider coming to my studio to weave prayer flags (York is a lovely destination in the summer!).

Namaste, Sarah


Life Looms Large said...

It's great to see those prayer flags in Africa!

Plus, if I hadn't visited your blog, I wouldn't have seen the info about that textile exhibit that you twittered about. Thanks for the scoop on that too!


sarah haskell said...

Did you figure out the exhibit is at the Children;s Museum in Dover, NH?? I think that there might be an opening event on July 9th. But the show is up now! Sue Pretty, Lisa Grey and myself (curated by Tess Moses). Hope you can get over. I love this exhibition space!!


Life Looms Large said...

Sarah -

No, I hadn't figured out where the exhibit is! I googled, and found an article in the paper that seemed kind of vague to me....but it might have been another exhibit.

I finally hung my prayer flags outside today....near our campfire circle. Pictures will be on my blog very soon! (Although they're not as cool as the pictures of the flags that you've been featuring lately!)