Monday, February 8, 2010

Thread by Thread

If there is one thing that I should have learned from my 40 years of experience of a weaver, is that good work takes time, is often slower than my mind wants to move and I cannot predict or control the ultimate outcome.

Never the less, I confront this lesson all to often! Here we are two years into the "Woven Voices" project, and I am just now sending out prayer flags to folks who sent me messages two years ago. The part of my spirit that feels a commitment to these folks, feels a twinge of guilt for taking so long. Then the lesson rises up...."it is not about time Sarah! This is about commitment and consistency."

The lesson continues. Ultimately I know that my role in this project is to keep doing the work.  Keep gathering the messages. Keep reading them out loud. Keep inviting and teaching weavers to make the prayer flags. Keep sending them out to the world.

Message by message, thread by thread, flag by flag. Each action is movement towards my vision of creating peace and healing for our home, this planet.

With Patience and Heartfelt Gratitude ~ Sarah

Photos from a recent public weaving event in Exeter, NH.

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Greg Katz said...

Wow, you and I are on the same page on the same day. I wrote a post this morning about "keep on keepin' on". There is so much to tempt me from the path; things I have made to more important than they really are, self-inflicted.

It's truly about the commitment. The act of staying the course because it serves a greater good. You're commitment is inspiring and I'm blessed not only to know you, but to feel a part of something larger than the two of us.

Blessings to you...