Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Breezy voices .... full of gratitude

Today, May 11th 2010, Market Square Portsmouth NH, I was joined by four wonderful women. New, old and newer friends joined me to read the messages of hope and peace that have been gathering all winter.

The cool mid-day breezes of May lifted our voices and our hearts.

We read messages that were written on a long red ribbon from a Brownie Troop in CT, a large paper banner from a Womens' International Peace Gathering in Italy, from a Bahai" School in PA and messages from folks all across the USA.

I am always amazed by who shows up and what happens when I make the effort to be present.

A few times in the past when I have read messages in Market Square, I have been questioned by the police and even asked to move the prayer flags.

I am conscious of being in a public space and my need to be considerate of the passers by.
So today, when a Portsmouth police officer was approaching, I hoped we would not be asked to stop or move. Instead, he cheerfully offered to take this photo so I could be in it! I am reminded to be open to surprise!

And now for some prayer flags out in the world...these images come from a delightful group of women who came to my studio to weave flags this winter.

Here they are hanging their flags outside on a river bank for all to enjoy. 

Peace and joy to all, Sarah


Mainelyblond said...

Would have loved to have joined you all today. My thoughts were with you. Raise the flag Sarah! (and friends) - Peace and love, Rosanne

Jewel said...

Fabulous. So sorry I always have to work when you're doing this. So happy you are. It means a lot to me.

Catherine Grace, CHS said...

Sorry I couldn't be with you all yesterday -- looks like it was a fabulous day all around! Bless you and this wonderful work.

lsmithnh said...

wonderful work and wisdom! wish I could have been there. Just lovely!
Great to see you last weekend. Thanks so much for attending the show.