Friday, September 30, 2011

Language of the Love

The language of love written in threads

Mom hangs a prayer flag in her crab apple tree.
Woven words of love.
Prayer flag greetings on a porch
Prayer flag in Searsport Campground Gardens

On the shores of Searsport Campground 
For the first time in many posts, I feel at a loss for words. This community art project has inspired, challenged and informed much of my creative work for the past 3 plus years. Right now, however, I feel empty of text. I am keenly aware that it is all too easy to name and quantify this feeling, but right now, I simply want to just reside here in this space of lack of words. So this posting will be primarily a photo album. 
Reading messages 9/11/11
Prayer flags at my brother's accident site

Market Square reading messages

writing peace messages 9/11/11

Me and the "Be Kind" guy with his bouquet of flowers

Market Square reading

Market Square Portsmouth NH

Prayer flags in town

NYC Community art project volunteer with prayer flag
On the headstone of a loved and lost son.

Peace in many languages.
"Flags on the 48" on 9/11/11

Four friends who came to weave! 

The Carter Burden Center Day Of Peace Luncheon, NYC
This is what the language of love looks like.
 This has been an month filled with much love as well as grief and reflection. I am honored to be a witness as well as a participant in creating this visual language of love and peace.

Heartfelt gratitude to each of you for all your words and gestures of peace and love. The world is better for all your efforts.
~ Sarah

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