Thursday, September 3, 2015

Thank You Letters: An Alphabet of Gratitude

Letter Z travels to India

What are you grateful for?

The whole alphabet

Thank you letters: An Alphabet of Gratitude is a project that was conceived in a marine supply store in NH. I went there to purchase fishing line for the warp for my Mandala Community Looms. I love this store, it has everything from shrimp netting, to rubber lures, bait bags, ropes, and all kinds of fishing gear. While I was there these brilliantly colored, plastic flags caught my eye. These flags which are lobster buoy markers, were like a blank canvas, ready for stitching and fabric collage.
This project is still in progress. I have completed all 26 alphabet letters which is the first phase of this project. Phase two is to take these 26 letters to public places and ask people to spell what they are thankful for, taking photos of all participants.
This project is an obvious off spring of "Woven Voices: Messages from the Heart".


Linda said...

You have a lovely blog.

Unknown said...

Thank you letter has a good creations thanks for sharing!
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Miss Zeglin said...

Great project idea. Also, it really turned out beautiful!