Thursday, May 8, 2008

The first post. May 8.2008

Today I am posting the first tidbit about my project "Woven Voices ~Messages from the heart" This will be a minimal post, because I am away from all my photos and other notes. I'm working in Boston for a few days, and soaking up sunshine when I can in the Boston Public Gardens .

A couple of days ago my friend Peter who is a captain in the Army reserves and serving in Iraq emailed me some photos for the project. He took his pillow case and tore it into strips. The he had his linguistics class (all Iraq citizens) write positive messages of hope and renewal on these strips. The writing is in their native text. So when he emailed me the photos of each person holding up their strip, he included a translation of each one. I am humbled by this offering. Photos will be posted soon.
Peter will send me the actual strips soon to be included with the other messages from around the globe.
Please read more about this project on my website:

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