Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday's Message

Glorious New England Spring! This time of year always feels like a health tonic to revive my winter weary spirit.

Hear are a few messages that I received from a calligraphy class. Aren't they lovely? ...these will be hard to cut up!

Before I cut all these messages up, my goal is to transcribe them, to have them read aloud in a public location and to video this event. In other words, to document as fully as possible the messages before they are cut up and woven into prayer flags. I will be posting an invitation to these events soon! My current teaching schedule is so full, I cannot seem to think beyond next week! Stay tuned!


Michelle said...

Hi Sarah,

This is fantastic. What a wonderful idea...I'm so excited and look forward to talking to you if time permits.

sarah haskell said...

Is this My Michelle? Yes, let's talk.
This project is growing in ways that are beyond me, it has it's own life. Call me!