Monday, August 11, 2008

200 messages read today !

Monday August 11th. Rainy, cool and gray.
I was just settling in on a bench near the fountain in Market Square, when I looked up and saw two of my friends crossing the street to join me. It felt so wonderful to have their support. The three of us read messages for over an hour, and solicited a few passersby to contribute and read messages. A few other friends drifted in and out over the hour we were there. I am grateful for the time and effort everyone took to show up today. Thank you.

My favorite person was David. He was a good looking guy, all smiles, who helped us read several messages. After awhile he revealed that he was homeless. I was so delighted to meet him and have his participation. My long range dream is to take this project to groups such as the homeless shelter where he lives. I want to give voice to these people in our community. To have David show up and be so open to participating was a real gift for me. The light continues to shine on this project.

Thank you to all. Here is a photo from today's event. And please remember to sign up for a weaving date soon!
Namaste, Sarah

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