Sunday, January 11, 2009

Why I didn't read messages today...

We had 8" of beautiful new snow delivered this AM. At ten o'clock it was still snowing and nothing was plowed. So I was unable to get to Portsmouth to read the latest batch of messages of hope and peace.

My plan is to find a location in Manchester to read next month on February 11th. There is a small park near where I teach on Wednesdays, and it seems like a perfect location.

As always, thanks to all for your support, kind words of encouragement and most of all your messages of peace, goodwill and hope.

Enjoy these photos of the prayer flags in the snow!

Peace, Sarah

1 comment:

Sue said...


Love the prayer flag blog!!!

I'm going to figure out how to email you so I can come up and weave sometime!!!

Hope to see you soon!