Monday, March 2, 2009

Piles of snow and piles of prayer flags

Today we were hit with another major snow storm, a nor'easter, in fact. So my teaching gig in MA was canceled and I had time to unroll the dozens of prayer flags that have been woven over the past month. Here is a photo of the pile of flags and the piles of snow outside my studio door.

This means that as soon as I can get them all sewn, I will be sending out a batch to my message writers. Thank you everyone for your faith and your patience!

The messages continue to arrive in my mail box. I have collected about 250 that need to be read. It appears that this might wait until the weather is warmer. I have some feelers out for inside reading locations, but no luck yet.

Stay tuned! Thanks to everyone for all your support. Special thanks to all the weavers!


Life Looms Large said...

Somehow the snow looks nicer in pictures than when I look out my window!

The pile of prayer flags is great! Hopefully another pile will be woven in March!

See you soon!


sarah haskell said...

Thanks Sue...more sewing today, with hopes of getting some flags out in the mail this weekend!!

sarah haskell said...
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