Thursday, January 20, 2011

The web of peace in South Africa

St. George's Cathedral, Cape Town
I landed in Cape Town South Africa on New Year's Eve. Today is January 20th, 2011. I've been here for nearly three weeks. I am sitting in an Internet cafe in Simons Town, it is about 5:30 in the afternoon and it is about 85 degrees. The wind is gusting up from the south, so we are not leaving to round Cape Point until things settle down a bit.The good thing is that I finally have an opportunity to get some news out about distributing the 130 prayer flags that I brought.

To date I have given away about 80 of your beautiful prayer flags. Each time I give one away, I always get a hug. No kidding! People are amazed, honored, curious and appreciative. I'll share a few stories here.

Simons Town Penguins
This is a photo of Mary who works in the administration of St. George's Cathedral in Cape Town. Behind her is the labyrinth that is built in the enclosed garden of the cathedral. I gave her three flags to hang in the garden and she was thrilled!

Right now I am in Simons Town, South Africa. About a 10 minute walk from the marina is a penguin preserve. These little fellows are pretty darn cute, so I had to hang a prayer flag for them in a shrub not too far from a nesting area. When I get home, there will be many more photos, but working in the "rough", I am a bit limited.

Monwana Game Lodge staff
Earlier in the month our crew went on a safari up near Kruger Park.  Our first night we stayed at Monwana Game Lodge. I decided to give the staff each a prayer flag. Most of them did not speak English and were not sure what this gift was all about, but they were still very appreciative to receive a gift! I am sure there were some questions and stories after I left! 

Sabi Sands Game Reserve
Yes, we saw lions, elephants, rhinos, hippos, zebra and more. Just to tease you, here is a photo of a elephant that we watched munch down a few large trees!

There is much more to share, and many more photos to come. The many flags that I have distributed have brought such joy and amazement to each receiver.

When I first arrived in Simons Town, I went to the Tourist Information center to ask some questions. The young woman there was so helpful, I gave her a prayer flag. She was thrilled, and said, "Wow! No one has ever given me a gift for helping them!"  I so grateful to everyone for all the wishes, support and effort to help make this trip possible for me. Hopefully I'll blog again before we cast off.

Please be sure to check in to Bahati's blog. That's the best way to learn about this boat, her captain, crew and voyage. Peace, Sarah


bbbboynton said...

What an awesome story and experience, Sarah.

NCUC said...

I could not be prouder of or more appreciative at being the life partner of this most amazing woman.

Joanne said...

How exciting to have an update from you, Sarah. The prayer flags seem to be received in the heartfelt manner in which they were conceived and created.

Ashley said...

Thanks for sharing this Sarah! What an amazing trip . . . you are a beacon of peace and light. Blessings on your journey, Ashley

Ailsa said...

Go Sarah. Spread the love. Have a fun trip and peaceful seas. Love Ailsa

Jane said...

What an adventure you are having! And what fun to think of all those prayer flags dancing in the breezes of South Africa...
Jane Malik

Lisa said...

I'm thinking of you so often and was thrilled to get your blog post. Africa has deeply touched everyone I know who has been there and already, from your experience so far, I am seeing that same experience.
What an absolutely gorgeous way to meet people from all cultures - with a gift of prayers. You are amazing!

judebythesea said...

What an amazing journey of peace and sharing, Sarah. You're wonderful. Thanks for all you do to make our world a far better and loving place.

argy said...

It is so great to hear from you Sarah and know you are doing well. It is wondering t hear a few stories about the prayer flags and know that you are spreading warmth on your travels!

Diane Brandon said...

We'll look at and talk about your posting at the Sarah Farmer Peace Award meeting on Tuesday here in Maine! You are an inspiration!

limblyhall said...

Thank you Sarah-
for your vision,comittment, light, and love.

sewwhatsports said...

Amazing. Peace, what a concept, one to embrace universally. You are truly an example of living and sharing the concept. Thank you for the wonderful update on your trip.