Sunday, December 26, 2010

Have prayer flags...will travel!

Sarah at the loom!
Yes!!....thanks to everyone..... there are 130 prayer flag traveling with me to South Africa and then across the Atlantic all the way to the Caribbean.

Pat and her brilliant smile!
For the past three weeks, almost two dozen community volunteers came to the studio to weave prayer flags.

Pam and Sally get acquainted as they weave.
Most folks who come have never woven. It is my joy to share this creative and meditative way to share good will.

Cleone's hand fly as they weave.
Busy hands, happy heart.

Read more...check out the York Independent story about this community art project. Pages 4-5.

Lesley and Mark came for the last night of weaving.

Mark, the only guy who rose to the challenge!
Friends Lesley and Mark came for dinner and the final weaving date.

Prayer flags all ready to be sewn

The last evening in the studio, we had a spontaneous party! Three weavers, plus me, two dogs and two guitars. Music, singing, glad hearts....all lifting me to travel lightly with an open heart.
Ben and Nancy offer sweet music.

I am so blessed to be traveling on this mission ~
  Art-ambassador of peace and love from Maine.

See you in March ~ Sarah


Lisa said...

You are a prayer yourself, Sarah, traveling across the ocean, riding the feminine energy, on behalf of us all.



Life Looms Large said...

Bon voyage!! Have a great adventure!


Nancy said...

You are an inspiration and a light for us all! Blessings on your journey,Sarah.

Nancy said...

You are an inspiration and a Light in the world. This heart-centered work can't help but make a difference in the experience of peace in the world.
Love and blessings,

Wendy said...

Hi Sarah,
Great work!
I'm heading to Tanzania for 2 months to tx AIDS patients with Homeopaths Without Borders, and happy to place a flag or several atop Kilimanjaro when I climb in honor of a colleague recently passed. Let me know if you'de like me to bring a few- I'm leaving 1/20/10 and happy to do so!
wendy pollock
Peace to you and blessings...

Jane said...

Thank-you, Sarah, for creating prayerful beauty that will only increase as it travels to the ends of the earth and is blown to the winds.... Godspeed and blessings on your travels....
love, Jane

argy said...

Travel safely and know that I will be thinking of you in Maine and sending you positive energy along the way!