Monday, June 13, 2011

What I do best.......

prayer flags in NH garden
As a weaver, my work is all about building webs, creating connections. I use threads to create visual works that nurture, support and inspire connections between people, animals, nature and the invisible mysteries of this world. This is what I do best.

Gifting prayer flags to Kopang
Last night I had a very sweet surprise when I opened my email box. There I found a note and photos from an Phaphama, organization in Johannesburg, South Africa. This winter I sent several prayer flags to them while I was in Cape Town.  The big surprise was that I thought that the flags had been lost in the mail and I had given up hope of locating them.

Little did I know that the ripple of love and peace that began months ago with the gathering of these messages was weaving magic thousands of miles across the globe.

In this photo, two of the prayer flags are being gifted to a women's project called Kopanang, an embroidery project run by women who are infected by HIV/AIDS. I am so moved that these flags are being used for such powerful and healing work.
This is peace, hope, love and community in action. This is the Woven Voices project at its best.

Garden door prayer flag

Jack and Jean London at Topsail House Simonstown, South Africa
As noted in previous a previous blog I am creating a Grand Finale for this global community art project.

In order to make this happen I need your support. Please check out the Kickstarter website. There is a two minute video that explains everything.

Loraine in Simonstown, South Africa
~ Peace ~

Please share the opportunity to support this project  . This is what I do best......use my skills as a weaver to build community, foster positive energy and build a stronger web of love for this planet for all beings.
I am grateful for your support and affirmation of this work.

Namaste ~ Sarah


Natty said...

Brava Sarahhh! So cool that the "lost flags" in So Africa actually were not lost at all!! They found their way home. Onward! Good work! Much love, CappyB

Robyn said...

Ah mail fails build faith!
Holding your project in the Light
blessings to you

sarah haskell said...

Ooooh an almost Haiku. I love it!