Monday, July 4, 2011

Lift Off!!

Peace weavers quartet !
Yesterday at about 3 PM EST, the Kickstarter pledge drive came to a finish. Pledges were still coming in up to the last hour. THANK YOU to ALL YOU BEAUTIFUL BACKERS!! I am so honored and amazed to have the support and backing of each of you who contributed on-line as well as those who sent me checks and even those who reached directly into their pockets and gave me cash. The Grand Finale for Woven Voices is now a reality...and in full swing!!

flags on the loom
gorgeous pile of peace flags!
So now we weave, and weave and weave!! Thus far we have woven about 200 prayer flags. They go quickly and easily with no prior weaving experience is necessary. Please email me to find out the schedule. I can accommodate up to 4 weavers at a time. Many weavers come more than once. I look forward to welcoming all ages and abilities to the studio to help us weave Peace together. 

There are a few other ways you can lend support to this project.
The long continuous strip of flags
  • Sewing the flags ~ the prayer flags are woven in one long continuous strip on the loom. We can get about 20 woven, then we have to cut off the flags and sew the edges by machine so that they don't unravel. We are looking for folks who might like to sew, either here in the studio or at home.
 Sewing the flags
Mother/Daughter Peace Weavers
  • Materials ~ we are gathering yarns and ribbons to use in the weaving. Clean out that closet and send us your donations!!
  • Ideas ~ where shall we send and install these 1000 prayer flags?? I am open to your ideas and suggestions, preferably with names and contact info. I am currently researching Ground Zero contacts. All ideas welcome. 
  • Messages are still welcome until August 15th. Please see the blog side bar for more info.
Postcard Underground words of encouragement!
And finally ....there have been multiple lessons that I have learned over the past three and a half years that I have been guiding this global Peace project. The biggest lesson is one that is continuously repeated, just because I guess I need it!!

The lesson is to keep doing this work, even in the face of obstacles. And then when I least expect it, there is an affirmation that what I am doing makes a difference. This week I have been the recipient of a post card campaign of Anonymous Love from the Postcard Underground. So far I have received about 6 postcards from strangers with words of encouragement and admiration. Wow!! These lift me up and make me smile!! Thanks Postcard Underground !!

So with a full heart and a happy spirit I return to the loom. Thank you all for the Kickstarter backing, for the words of encouragement, for the weaving/sewing/materials and message of Peace and hope. Thread by thread, we are making a difference!
Love ~ Sarah
Happy Peace-filled Independence day!!

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