Thursday, July 19, 2012

Weathering the storms with grace

Prayer flags hang in wind, rain, sun, snow, hail, roadside salt, grime and exhaust.
    If you ever wondered how well a prayer flag will weather the elements, the best way to find out is to hang it out doors and watch it transform.
    The prayer flags shown here were put up last summer at the site of the construction accident that killed my beloved brother Weston. These flags have been hanging between a telephone pole and the supporting guide wires. I think that they look so amazing, weathered but still beautiful, with a patina that comes only with time.
  So if you own one of these community handwoven prayer flags, I encourage you to hang it outside so that the energy of love and peace can fly free on the wind.
    I trust that you will be inspired by how the flag ages with grace.

   Thanks to all for your continued support, your kind comments and most of all your commitment to universal love and peace.
     Namaste ~ Sarah

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