Monday, October 7, 2013

Time Passes....things change

Searsport Site July 2013
   One of the foundations of  "Woven Voices" is to witness the passing of time and to honor the Buddhist principle of impermanence. It's been over a year since my last posting, and the river of time has certainly moved along.
Searsport July 2013
   Our prayer flags, these little woven squares of fabric and paper, have weathered many seasons. Some have held up better than others. Some have completely disappeared. Some are replaced and others just abandoned.
   The site in Searsport along busy Route 1, where my brother was killed in July2011, has been a place that I installed prayer flags. This July a friend who travels by there frequently offered to hang some new flags up for me. So I sent him a couple of new sets of Tibetan flags as well  as a special bird flag with a "Dear Wes" letter on the back.
   True to the nature of impermanence, within a few days, the Maine State road crew came along a did their summer mowing. In the process of this summer cutting all of the flags, new and old, were ripped down and  mowed over.
September 2013, What's left.
   Another friend who travels by frequently stopped by the site and salvaged what she could of the remaining flag scraps.
   When I was in Searsport in September, I took these scraps and wrapped them around the telephone pole. This site will no longer be maintained as a memorial.

Time passes, things change.

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