Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The first set of flags are woven!

July 29th.
Yesterday I completed the first set of prayer flags and shipped them off to Philadelphia for the "Peace and Politics" exhibit at the Philadelphia convention center. Learn more about this exhibit www.AmericanMadeAlliance.org

Here is a photo of the four flags hanging in my yard. I am pleased with the flags and am ready to invite weavers to join me. I welcome help with preparing the messages for weaving, with the weaving, the finishing and the sending them out to the world. In order to allow each helper a quality time in my studio, I ask that you email me to sign up for a date. The dates that are open are July 31, August 12,14, 26, 28. My plan is to keep Tuesday and Thursday afternoons as Woven Voices studio days. I look forward to your help!

On August 11th, I will be back in Market Square reading and gathering messages. Please join me, help read, solicit messages from the public or just listen. I am also looking for help with documenting this event. Is there anyone who might be able to video tape this event ? I am ever grateful for all the support and help each of you has provided for this interactive global art project.

Namaste, Sarah

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