Monday, July 21, 2008

Keep the messages coming!

This photo is from July 11th's event.

The day after the amazing event in Portsmouth, I left for a week's vacation. Each year I go to a remote island in Maine with a diverse group of women. We swim, eat, chant, sing, write, draw, sleep and hike. It is heaven.

I am filled with new energy and commitment to the Woven Voices project. An exciting piece of news is that the first series of flags have been accepted in an exhibit in Philadelphia called "Peace and Politics~an artists' agenda for America". For anyone in the Philly area the show is August 2-4 at the Philadelphia Convention Center. Here is the link:

On Friday I will begin the weaving. After I have worked out the basic design, I will begin inviting the community to come to my studio to help weaving the prayer flags.

On August 11th, I will return to Market Square in Portsmouth to continue reading the messages. Please keep them coming. Spread the invitation to participate. The more messages the better for this beautiful earth we all inhabit.

Namaste, Sarah

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