Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Conversation over threads

Stephen rode his bike over to weave!
Almost every day now, I have weavers (more truthfully folks who come are not weavers but willing to give it a try!) come to the studio to help create prayer flags for hope, goodwill and peace for all beings.

Lord Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, the Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth, said that  "the antidote to violence is conversation". I also recall Pete Seeger said something similar (to paraphrase)"when people have conversations, they break down barriers and create community".

A genuine message of love from a young weaver!
Sometimes I think that my community art work is simply to offer opportunities for people to talk with each other.

The simple act of sharing words, of speaking from one's heart, listening to the thoughts and concerns of another, slowly, thoughtfully, word by word....this makes a better world for us all.

Thus I witness the time spent here in the studio, weaving, chatting, listening, builds a healthier planet for all beings.
Reading messages in Market Square, Portsmouth is another opportunity for conversation, for touching to lives of others, for engagement between people and for creating healthy connections. I will be reading this last batch of peaceful messages sometime in late August. Stay tuned for the date and time.

As this message here suggests "Do what you can". What I can do is create opportunities for conversation, for one person to listen and another to speak.

I believe that this world will be a better place when we talk and when we listen. Woven voices become one voice, one heart.

Thank you to everyone for your generosity in supporting this project and your kind words to encourage this work.  In closing here is a link to an old video I just rediscovered that tells about the project. Enjoy!

Peace and Love ~ Sarah
Old friends ~ weaving and sharing.


Dayle Ann Stratton said...

Sarah, I just learned about your project from Michael White on Weavolution. I immediately started going through my studio and rag stash to identify things I can make into strips for you to use. I am practicing Buddhist, and very happy to be a small part of the community you are creating with your project to send healing thoughts where they are needed.

sarah haskell said...

Dayle Ann ~ Oh made my heart leap for joy. I look forward to receiving all thrums, threads and bits of beauty that come my way. Also please send positive messages too! Spread the project info to your wider circle. With love and peace, Sarah