Tuesday, July 12, 2011

In the Groove!

summer in Maine!
Steamy summer weather has finally seeped into the bones of southern coastal Maine.  I LOVE this time of year, and am grateful for the LONG days so that I can pack as much into them as possible. These days I am packing a lot in!!

The flags are woven in one long continuous strip
Nearly every day I have weavers here to help. So far we have woven and sewn nearly 200 prayer flags thanks to the Peace Weavers!

Please let me know if you would like to help with this part of the Woven Voices project.
As most of you know our Kickstarter fund drive was very successful!! Thanks to all my sweet amazing backers!! If you missed the boat to jump on board as a backer...it's not too late! Several people have been moved to send a contribution with a check via snail mail. All support is gratefully accepted!! Thank you!!
Nurses at Bridgewell Hospital, Cincinnati, Ohio holding prayer flags

There are a few other ways to you support this project from afar ~~

  • Donations of ribbon and yarns for weaving. Send them to my studio address: P.O. Box 452, York, ME 03909
  • Installation suggestions for the prayer flags, especially near Ground Zero. Contact information is most helpful. International locations.connections especially appreciated!
I am continuing to send out prayer flags to folks who have contributed messages and will start sending flags to my sweet backers soon.

Thanks to everyone for all the support for this project.  
Woven Voices is Peace made visible.
Jette beams with her prayer flag!
With deep gratitude and Love ~ Sarah


Fran said...

Sarah; I think your work is so original and positive!
With your permission, I would like to do something similar in a small scale in Calgary.
I am a bit undecided about how you can distribute the flags in a big city, though........apt to get charged with littering!! Cheers Fran

sarah haskell said...

Fran: Go for it!!Send photos...and be brave!! Good luck! No worries about copying...the more Peace and Love the better for us all!!