Sunday, December 12, 2010

54 and counting !!

weaving messages of peace
This week nine lovely weavers came to the studio to weave prayer flags. These people came in response to my invitation/challenge to the community to help me weave 100 prayer flags to take on my trip to South Africa and the Atlantic crossing to the Caribbean.

Weaving in the spirit

Some people came in the company of a friend, some came as individuals. Some people had never woven before, some had woven as younger people.

What color is hope?
All came with an open heart and open mind.

There are now 54 beautifully woven prayer flags ready to travel.

Open hearted weaving

Thank you to everyone who has given time, effort and your words of support.

With more weavers coming this week, we will surely meet the goal of 100 flags to travel!

Sewing the prayer flags after they are cut off the loom.

Namaste ~ Sarah

1 comment:

Life Looms Large said...

That's great that you're up to 54 and that you're sure to get to 100 by the time you depart!!!

I won't be able to join the fun this time.

You've done such a great thing in putting this project together!!

Safe & happy travels!