Saturday, December 18, 2010

Closing in !

She who breathes
This week we had seven weavers in the studio. Women who came and breathed their energy into this project. I thought this prayer flag message particularly appropriate!

One world, one people
Each flag is woven with messages that come from all over the world. Many voices for peace, for hope, for love.

Love music
Each message is read many times before it finally gets woven into the prayer flag. Then the message is often fractured and the language becomes mixed with other language.

This prayer flags reads: "I love music for awake people to be awake." Interpret this however you like.

I see compassion and joy.

Forgiveness Forever.Yes to that.

Weave Hope

This week we are closing in on the 100 prayer flag goal. Many many thanks to everyone for the support, words of encouragement and energy.

Our world is moving like the sun; moving ever so slowly and steadily toward a new horizon.

Happy Solstice ~ Sarah

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Jane said...

You (collective) are weaving wizards! Wish I could be there to help get to the 100 mark!

Jane Malik